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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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monday, september 5th, i'm michelle griego. >> many people are planning to hit the beach for their monday off. that means the coast guard is watching closely. a man was rescued from the waves yesterday. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, of course a lot of people want to get out on the water for the last unofficial day of summer. the coast guard is using an incident yesterday as an example of whatnot to do. a man was found face down in the park yesterday afternoon. luckily, two of the tourists, one who is a life guard in the uk dove in and saved the man. >> he was face down in the water with a life jacket on and we thought he was going to go under. >> reporter: an hour after the rescue, the coast guard searched for other poem and the boat the wan -- other people
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and the boat the man may have fallen from, but they didn't find anything. the latest we are hearing is that the man is in critical condition. jackie ward, kpix 5. there's no service at the park due to repairs, a shuttle bus will take riders back and forth. the bridge will close at 11:00 once again today. the locks will reopen at 5:00. the goal is minimize the back ups from all of that holiday traffic. we have had a few issues on the road for this holiday. let's check in with rocky for the morning commute. that's right. the traffic issue we have had in oakland has now cleared. it was closed this morning, but
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now it is open so it is good. there was a box truck blocking the road there. the crews are ahead of schedule, so that's great. bart starts at 6:00 a.m. it is now 6:02. ace is closed. keep in mind you have to pay the meters today. and let's head to roberta with the weather. [ laughter ] why not do that. rise and shine on this labor day. it's going to be warmer than what we experienced on sunday and even saturday and even friday. a live look at the bay bridge as the sun is making an appearance. the official sun up is 6:44. we have nothing but clear skies out there right now. look at the temperature, 47 degrees now at this very early hour in the santa rosa area.
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55 in san jose. satellite radar suggests we have the clouds stacking up all the way into san jose. number wise today, 66 degrees in san francisco. heading down to the beach, 68 in pa cifica .z saratoga 87. 70s pretty common around the lip of the bay, and once you go further inland, that's when we talk about the temperatures in the 80s. we are looking at 78 and 79 in the brentwood area. 80 snow ma -- sonoma. we will talk about the changes you need to know up. that's coming up. thank you. as tropical storm hermine continues up the east coast,
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the beach goaers are being warned about rough conditions. here's the latest from the jersey shore. as hermine continues to whip up, some brave beach goers are continuing to go to the water. as the storm churned offshore, people from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag, the red flag is a sign of dark so you have to -- danger so you have to take precautions. >> residents brought their boats n. others prepared for the worst. >> i closed things in the garage and i packed a bag. >> reporter: many are fearing life threatening rip tides and flooding. with super storm sandy fresh on
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the residents' minds they are ready. >> we have plenty of bottled water on hand and a place to take a warm shower if need be. >> i hope not to have to use the as sets, but it would be too late if the storm tracked west. >> reporter: the storm could be around for days before exiting out to sea by midweek. >> so far, hermine has been linked to two deaths, one in north carolina and the other in florida. investigators say a man found dead had been living on a boat nearby. the 27-year-old's body was spotted on saturday morning. he was well known in the boating community, but his family told investigators he couldn't swim. it's unclear how he died, but his body didn't have any signs
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of injury. residents are responding to collin kaepernick's response. he is exercising his constitutional rights not to stand. meanwhile, another decided to join in on the protest. they are protesting racial injustice. , and closing to home, a lot of fans showed up to support the quarterback, but he was a no show. he was supposed to be at a church service, but he was a no show. >> collin had every plan of being here. >> people packed the third baptist church, but he was a no show. some even traded their sunday best for a jersey. >> because of the riggers of his training and getting ready
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for those other games. >> i am disappointed he wasn't here. >> at least he tried to come and make a stand. >> two dozen students from mission high school were at the service. their teacher said kaepernick's protest is bigger than football and everyone will be watching him closely. and the presidential candidates will be zeroing in on ohio nod. ohio is one of the 13 states where there isn't a front runner right now. the latest cbs news tracker poll shows clinton leading trump 45-37%. trump is now engaged in a war of words of the leader from arizona. trump is in the battle over
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immigration. >> it's not clear at all, you know, some people as he said it was hardening and others saying it was softening. i say it's confusing. >> tim cane is trying to win over voters who are confused over clinton's explanation over using a private server while secretary of state. >> she says look, i have learned from my mistake. >> many are saying that clinton's explanation for using the private server is getting less believable. the center for disease control and paren veges is saying the -- prevention is down when a two dose vaccination began. the cdc recommends the first dose be given between 12-18
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months and the second dose between 4-6. the police are looking for a violent sexual predator trying to grab women off of the street. and mother teresa is named a saint. how the catholics are responding. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. good morning, it is labor day and look at this, it is our live weather camera. the sun is up at 6: 44. we are getting a glimpse of what is going to turn out to be a warm and sunny day across the area. we have the weather details in less than four minutes. the san jose police believe
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a convicted sex offender is trying to pull women off of the sidewalk and into his car. david russell is suspected in two attempted kidnappings. one happened last week. during that attack, russell allegedly covered the woman's mouth and tried to drag her to his nissan rogue. the residents are worried about the violence. >> surprising to me. we don't hear anything about what here in this area. >> residents are pushing to instal cameras in the area. president obama and russian president have agreed to continue negotiations over the cease fire. that's according to a white house official with the associated press. the group met for an hour at
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the g 20. they are trying to come up with a plan to end the syrian regime air attacks on civilians. in the meantime, 43 people are reportedly dead after a bomb attack in syria. the islamic state is claiming responsibility for one of the bombings all though four of the bombings happened closely together. mother teresa is now a saint. the declaration happened yesterday. the pope described mother teresa as the defender of the unborn, the sick and the abandoned. catholics in the bay area are paying tribute to mother
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teresa. there was an big mass and an exhibit where visitors can see signs of her work. we now know who will be playing at the harley festival. >> the big names include cindy lopper, emmy lou harris. there's a full list online. be sure to check that out. it is free to get in. that's the best part about the festival. >> a great line up. >> i know. >> girls just wanna have fun. >> i know that one. >> you know that, too. >> i can't think of any other cindy lopper songs. >> time after time. time for some traffic? >> yes.
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that chp traffic alert is canceled in oakland. 580 to the westbound sector is now opened. all of the lanes are free to travel through if you are heading through san jose, you can take that -- san francisco, you can take that in. looking good in both directions. can't complain about that. and it's an oakland baseball day. you know i'm from l.a., but i will root for the oakland a's for sure. 8:00 is when bart starts. don't forget to pay your meter today even though it's a holiday, san francisco parking is indeed enforced. keep in mind, again, sfo, take the bus bridge and expect an hour delay in your travels today and this will all be back to normal tomorrow. this will take you about 15 minutings, but if you are
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heading to the toll plaza, smooth sailing into the city theres 880, 101 will take you no time at all and the golden gate looking pretty. the sun is coming up, row berta. it -- roberta. it's looking great. we have the baseball forecast coming up, but right now, would you look at this? the sky is clear, the lights are on. the temperature right now in san jose, 55 degrees. we are barely picking up any kind of stratus. other wise, what you need to know on this holiday is it's going to be a warmer day all weekend long. we are going to feel the difference with our warmer day on tap. right now, the wind speeds are under 10 miles per hour except for the fair field area at 12. we will have a west wind later
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today. satellite radar suggests we have the clouds stacked up at the golden gate bridge and swinging around the santa cruz area. the warm up begins today. remember this area of low pressure was around the northwest. it's moving inland making way for the high pressure. the high in the 80s. other wise, 73 degrees and pristine conditions. overnight hours dropping into the low to mid 30s. your official sun up this morning is at 6:44. it will set at 7:32. we are shaving off a couple of minutes of daylight today. only 78 degrees in livermore yesterday. today, 84 degrees so you will feel the difference. the 70s coming around the
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peninsula today. napa and sonoma at 83 degrees. sunset district back into the mission district, the temperatures going up, but not as warm as it will be on tuesday. it was a great day for baseball yesterday. i was at the coliseum. make sure you have the sun block. the sun penetrates there. we have the art festival going on through today. a high of 65 degrees. make it a great day. before we go, we have a look at sports. hey, straight ahead, everybody, these are trying times for your san francisco giants. my goodness, they can't buy a win? how about buying runs instead? we will show you what happened in the windy city yesterday. and what's cool about your school as the new year begins, you can e-mail your nominations
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to us at s ,,,,,,
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hey, good morning, the giants at colorado later on today. they better have a better batting average than they had for the cubs' series. 16-30 since the all star break. the giants better start delivering knock outs. this is brandon crawford. jason hayward got it to tie it up at 2. this one went to extras. the game winning run.
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chicago won 3-2. meantime, we've got the story of the red sox in oakland yesterday. rodriguez had a no-no in the eighth, but marcus simion broke it up here. the game was scoreless in the ninth and davis drove one. watch this, getting it and bobbles it. the a's won 1-0 and stopped a losing streak to the boston red sox. college football yesterday, texas ruined notre dame's night. swoops dove in and the long horns upset the irish in double overtime 50-47. the irish came in as the 10th ranked team in the nation. that's sports. you go out, cook out, whatever, have a terrific monday, labor day. some of you, i will see in yoga
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class, you know where. keep a close eye on the man in yellow... american jack sock... who returned a shot between his legs. jo-wilfr >> start stretching. all right, the play of the day. keep a close eye on the man in the yellow who returned that shot right between his legs. the opponent didn't have a chance in that one, but ended up winning the match in four sets. >> pretty fancy. it is6:25 right now. a trip to hawaii is raising questions about the police department's recruiting program. >> reporter: and the coast guard has had three water rescues so they are reminding people to play it safe on the water today. ,,,,
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and the state of oklahoma has gone from just two significant earthquakes in one year to nearly a thousand... >> once again, the police are called to the scene of an east bay freeway. and nearly 1000 earthquakes. what's behind the troubling trend? amazing. the weathered is going to turn out to be warmer today than yesterday, but wait until you see what we have for you tomorrow. and it's labor day, who wants to drive? an update m co-ing up. it's monday, september 5th, i'm kenny choi. more than 1000 people gathered for a candle light vigil last night.
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>> you have to love everyone, you never know when they are going to be gone. >> they are remembering two boys who were students in the new haven unified school district. this was posted overnight. yesterday morning in hayward. investigators say one of the teens lost control of the car.. and slammed into a pick-up truck. one of the teens lost control of the car and slammed into a pick up truck. and people around the bay area spend their day off around the beach, coast guard crews are watching very closely. tourists pulled a man from the water just yesterday, jackie? >> reporter: kenny, that man is really lucky that a trained life guard just happened to be walking around when they saw him in the water. it all happened yesterday at
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aquatic park. it appeared the man was floating and something didn't seem right so they jumped in and saved him. they performed cpr. >> when we realized he wasn't going to come out the other side of the bridge, we decided to judge in. >> the officials are reminding people to be safe in the water and be aware of hypothermia. the man is in critical condition in the hospital at last check. it's unclear how he ended up there. the coast guard searched for others, but didn't find anything. jackie ward reporting. >> we hear never to turn your back on an angry ocean. right, at any time of the year, you can get hypothermia. you know that, you are a surfer yourself. >> yes. >> i wouldn't be in that bay
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water right now. no, siry. [ laughter ] this is turning out to be a warmer day than yesterday. we are looking out toward the bay where we have clear skies there. the official sunrise will be in just a matter of minutes and look at the temperatures in santa rosa. i haven't seen it that clear in months. 51 in redwood city. livermore is in the low 50s after experiencing a hide yesterday -- high yesterday of 78, that's it. we have had a few cars stacked up at the golden gate bridge. we will check in with rocky for that numbers are two degrees off of the average in san francisco, also in san jose, oakland at 70 when we should be at 74. we are climbing back up to the seasonal highs. 60s at the beaches fur heading
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to rock away beach. we jump up to 85 degrees in sara toga. really and the lip of the bay today in the 70s. up from 78 to 85 in livermore. 89 in discovery bay. a great day to be out on the del that north bay -- delta. how is it going, rocky (. it's going well, roberta. we have a stalled car in the northbound direction in the right lane. you can't see it here, but it's out there. shouldn't take you any time at all. looking at the mass transit, if you don't want to drive today, it is a holiday, why don't you give yourself a break? don't forget to payor meters in
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san francisco today even though it's a holiday. also, a bart update, no service between glen park and the city. you have to take the bus bridge, so expect about an hour delay onto your transport into the airport. this is looking great. the usual 15 minutes or so. this will look different tonight once all of the holiday traffic is heading back home into the city. we will keep that in mind. this is a look at the altamont pass coming out of tracy. everything is green, and, of course, the dublin interchange, not much going on, but, again, this traffic will be different by tonight. >> thank you. chp says that multiple stolen cars were involved in the crash on i-880 in fremont. the suspects reportedly took the cars from a dealership overnight. an employee followed the suspects. the suspects crashed into
6:35 am
another vehicle. one of the suspects was arrested. in oak land, the police are looking for the suspects involved in a shooting on the interstate. the officers say it all started when the driver of a mercedes hit two cars and drove off. a shooting happened on the exit ramp. no one was hurt, but the suspects did get away. there have been more than two dozens shootings orphan the freeway -- on the freeways. four of them deadly. the mayor is asking the governor for money for cameras. the police officers' association says it is endorsing tony chaplain. the police commission will meet at city hall on wednesday to discuss the process, then in the next few weeks, the commission will select two candidates to submit to the
6:36 am
mayor. 11 recruiting officers spent 11 days in hawaii looking for potential canned dates. the-- candidates. the total cost was $43,000. candidates were interviewed, but just one picked. >> it was a poor public relation's case. even if they had good intentions, it looks like a trip for fun. >> if the candidate passed the preadmission, he will enter the academy next month. more earthquakes could be triggered like the 5.6 magnitude quake over the weekend. wells are used for production. there are more than 4000 across the state. scientists are saying more research needs to be done to
6:37 am
confirm the section. >> it probably would have to be a federal response, but there has to be some connection with the sub surface, not just what went in and what came out. >> most of the damage was done where cracks were discovered in foundations and walls. one man was slightly injured when he was hit by falling bricks from a chimeny -- chimeny. ,,
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ally a hug. this toy is a reminder that someone cares. these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is the chance to succeed. female announcer: with your support, everyone at sleep train proudly dedicates their time, hearts, and resources to giving local foster children one important thing: - hope... - hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> good good morning monday morning, welcome to your time
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check radar. looking across the beach, good day for you. pacifica, 70s across the peninsula with an abundance of sunshine. 70s in fremont, new washing and june -- newark and union city. a pair of 8s in concord and forth of the golden officers in a fresno county jail. the lobby-- where the an ex-convict is back behind bars accused of shooting two officers in a fresno county jail. the police say the man walked into the jail on saturday, he asked to see someone and started shooting. two officer were shot in the head and neck. at last check, both were in
6:42 am
critical condition. investigators are deciding if they should make any security changes. here's cbs money watch with the latest business news. markets are closed for the labor day holiday. the dow gained as well as the nasdaq. delta is saying the power outage caused $100 million in lost revenue. delta reported passenger revenue fell by 9% compared to a year ago, in part due to the outage: and get ready to pay for more the packages to reach their destination. the higher prices will go in effect december 26th. the higher freight rates will take effect starting september
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19th. and nearly 90 years after the release of the first perfume, lv will release new fragrances. and that's your money watch. for more, log onto concerns are on the rise at major ports after south korean bay shipping company hanjin shipping company has declared bankruptcy. they are one of the largest shipping companies. the port authority says they will continue unloading hanjin ships as long as full payments are made in advance.
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we have started off the morning with two traffic alerts and now they are clear eds. san francisco parking is in force, so don't forget to pay your meters. no service between glen park and daily city. you want to take the bridge to the airport, adding about an hour to your travel. looking clear now, but tonight this will be a different story. keep that in mind as you are heading out of the city. a look at the beautiful golden gate bridge. about 10 minutes and then, of course, your san mateo bridge, hayward into the peninsula just a few minutes as well. it's a.l. angels tonight. i have to admit i think i'm an oakland a's fan now, what do
6:45 am
you think? >> what do you mean, what do you think? >> either you are or your not. those are fighting words. [ laughter ] what's going on over there? there will be a visit to the traffic department. there . this is a live look outside. we had a little bit of condensation on the camera lens there. check out santa rosa, 47 degrees, that's the coolest i have seen it in month. everyone facebook bff ho is our weather watcher this morning. 51degrees, calm winds. a few scattered stars this morning. i saw those took into consideration just gorgeous. the bay will be sunny, near seasonal, bright sunshine inland. a warm up if you are going to feel the difference. so far, no reports of delays at sfo with the southwest breeze at 5. 12 at fair field.
6:46 am
satellite and radar suggests that the clouds are breaking up. it's a very thin deck of low clouds and fog at the san mateo coast. the area of low pressure is now e geek f e ffect -- ejecting to the east. we are going to sew a warm up -- to see a warm up today, tomorrow and wednesday. 73degrees and the high here with just pristine conditions. dropping off to the 30s in the overnight hours. official sunrise this morning, 6:44. it's already happened. i'll bet it's gorgeous out near the delta. mid 80s through the trivalley. notice the move all the way to the canyon this morning. the temperature ins the 50s going up to the 80s.
6:47 am
83 in santa rosa. your extended forecast calls for the warm up tuesday and wednesday and pretty seasonal through the weekend. as rocky was mentioning, her favorite baseball team in the whole wide world is the oakland a's. go a's. if you haven't heard, today is labor day. >> yes, the holiday has a long and complicated history here in california. melissa cane has more. one of the things i love about the bay area politics is that if you dig, you will find something weird. >> sure. >> even something like labor day, you will find something interesting. for those of you who grow up in california you may remember
6:48 am
admission day. september9th is admission day. we will come back to this. so, the first labor day was in new york city in 1882. it was informal. unions decided to do it. other unions decided to join in and the first monday in september became the first labor day. the first ref reference to labor day in san francisco was five years later. the chronical called the labor day parade the grand procession of the toilers. the state senator, thomas mar introduced legislation to make labor day an official state holiday. the holiday where the schools and banks have to close. except, the law didn't say it had to be on the first monday
6:49 am
of september. they thought it was too close to the emission holiday. the law declared that labor day was in october. what did they do? they did not care about the law and in san jose and san francisco and oakland, they went ahead with their parades and parties on the first monday of september. the chronical reported that the labor department refused to recognize the date set by the state legislature and on october 2nd, they very con spik lowsly did nothing to celebrate. at the next session of the legislature, the law was changed to match the holiday instead of the other way around. now, that was some change through solidarity right here labor day history. >> okay, a lot of digging, but
6:50 am
very interesting. [ laughter ] so, what was the politics of labor day? >> it's kind of unfathomable to us now, but there was no opposition to labor day. the votes were unanimous. remember, all of this labor day stuff was happening at a time when the unemployment rate was so high. the america workers needed help. the least they can do was give them a day off. the opposition i could find was in 1889 when a catholic priest sid it was a movement of
6:51 am
paganism. remember, friday is admission day. >> everybody gets labor day off. >> except us. >> but we get a coupon to use later on. >> we will cash that in later. we will have the latest on tropical storm hermine straight ahead. a lot of people will be getting out on the water to enjoy the last day of summer, but the coast guard wants to remind you to play it safe. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. in florida will likely be very costly for spacex. a satellite... that was going to ebook and other last week's rocket explosion in florida will likely be very costly for the company. >> the area was destroyed in the blast which happened during a prelaunch event. now the company that owns the
6:55 am
area may receive compensation from space x. space x is not responding. the storm surge shot not be as bad as first feared. president obama in china attending the g-20 summit, earlier today, he met with russian president putin. the two reportedly continuing to ask for a cease fire. the 2016 presidential candidates turning their attention to reportedly swing states. hillary clinton will allow reporters on her plane for the first time. donald trump will meet with union leaders. and the police are looking for a sex offender as he
6:56 am
reportedly is trying to get women into his car. one happened on thursday. police believe this man, david russell is responsible. and some closures to tell you about for the labor day holiday. the parking lots at either end of the golden gate bridge will be closed from 11:00-5:00 today. for bart riders no rides for several areas. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward in aquatic park, and of course many people will want to get out on this last day of summer, but the coast guard is reminding people to play it safe. this happened at 12:30 yesterday afternoon when a man was found face down in the water at aquatic park. two visitors, one who is from the coast guard of the uk was there. >> he was face down with a life
6:57 am
jacket on and we thought he was going to go under. >> reporter: an hour after the rescue, the coast guard searched for other people falling from a boat, but they didn't find anything. this is the third major bay area rescue since thursday. the coast guard is still trying to determine how he ended up in the water. let's take a quick look at the bridges. here's the bay bridge looking clear through the plaza. a beautiful image of the golden gate bridge heading into san francisco. also, san mateo heading from hayward, it should only take about 15 minutes. do not forget to pay your meters. all though it's a holiday, san francisco meter parking is in
6:58 am
force today. it's baseball today for the oakland a's. i have to admit it was a beautiful day for baseball yesterday. how about today? yes, it was beautiful yesterday and today beautiful, if not warmer. look at this, this is by the sea. it was sent to me by brent allen. he said it was his first trip there you can see a little bit of the smoke and haze in the atmosphere. only 65% contained. 95, 95,000-acres. wow. it's a cool start to your labor day. 47degrees in santa rosa. 54 san francisco and san jose. oakland in the 50s. later today, in the 50s through the peninsula. you know, we are going to feel the difference in the east bay. yesterday, only 87 degrees. 84, 85, 89. my pick city today, discovery
6:59 am
bay. anyone up for water skiing? >> sure, sounds like fun. >> i might be fall inning that water, but that's fun. [ laughter ] all right, a little girl who is fighting cancer is asking for one wish this year. >> she wants birthday cards and she already got hundred of them from across the globe. she turns 11 next tuesday and even though her parents wanted to get her presents, he said this is the best gift. >> i like getting them because i know people are praying for me and thinking about me everyday. >> well, so far, ava has gotten cards from as far away as india and australia. we actually beat cancer when she was a toddler and she is fighting it again. >> yesterday was breast cancer
7:00 am
day at the ballpark. >> did you wear pick? >> i did. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, september 5th, 2016, and welcome to "cbs this morning." hermine threatens to become a hurricane yet again. the storm is bringing powerful rip currents to the northeastern coast. what it's like on a cruise ship being rocked by rough waters. president obama fails to reach an agreement on syria with vladimir putin at the g20 summit. north korea tests ballistic missiles. dr. david agus explains why ingredients in some soaps and body washes my do more harm than good. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds.


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